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‘Business PLUS’

Easy Business loans to cover your daily working capital needs. Collateral Free, Fast & Simple.

The best of business building starts with Aasaan Credits Business Loans

Know about Business Plus loan criteria and documents requirement

About Business PLUS

Business PLUS is a quick business loan for small and medium enterprises, retailers, small manufacturers, shopkeepers and self-employed individuals who need quick cash to run their business. Business PLUS loans start from ₹50K to ₹10Lacs. So, whether you’re planning to add small capital or expanding your business with large capital, a quick business loan that comes easily should always be AASAAN!

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Monthly net profit should be above ₹20000
  • Minimum age of applicant should be 21 years and maximum 52 years
  • Applicant’s CIBIL score should be above 650
  • Your business should be 1 year old
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Documents For Aasaan Money business loans

  • KYC documents of applicant and business firm
  • ITR- Financial documents of the last 2 years
  • Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  • Previous loan history if any
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Our Process

Upload business loan documents in minutes and get instant loan approval

1. Apply & Upload

Easily fill our loan application, using your desktop or mobile phone and upload your documents.
It just takes 3 minutes to
complete the process.

2. Get an Approval

Based on the details provided, you will get final approval in less than 3 hours. After approval, your application will be processed for agreement signing.

3. Get Money

Loan amount disbursal will be done on a same day if approved before 1 PM. You will get the cash in your bank account without any delay. Use the cash at your convenience.

Business PLUS loan advantages

Below features make us better

Fast and Easy

Business loans could be tough to get but we are flexible while assessing your application.

Ideal for SMEs

Business loans up to INR 10 Lacs based on your profits at the interest rate of 1.40*% per month.

Fast Approvals

We take maximum of two days to inform you about your business loan status.

Easy Documentation

We don't have a long list of documents. We only check if your business is genuine and running.

Unsecured loan for business

Infuse capital into your business without staking your assets. No collateral business loans with Aasaan Credits.

Easy Online Payments

It doesn’t matter if you failed to pay your EMI on time. Online payment facility to pay EMIs without any surcharge.

Business PLUS loans features

There are multiple benefits which Aasaan Money brings to you as a quick business loan and some of them are,

Unsecured Business Loan: Aasaan Money business loan is 100% collateral free and unsecured in nature, that means you don’t have to stake your assets while you are expanding your business. Unsecured business loans are always preferred by businessmen as it is risk free, it takes lesser documentation for verification and has a quick approval.

Flexible business loan to meet your needs: Aasaan Money business loans starts from ₹50K to ₹10Lacs. Aasaan money is for everyone who is looking for a business loan whether it is small or big, registered business or unregistered, filing ITR or not, A asaan Money can fulfil the money requirement of every business size and type.

Low interest rate business loan: Aasaan Money business loans also has a very less impact in your pocket. The standard rate of interest is only 1.40% per month. For example, ₹ 100000 loan for 2 years gives you the EMI payments of ₹5591 per month.

Quick & Fast business loan: Aasaan Money business loans are quick when it comes to approval. We will approve your business loan on the basis of your banking transactions. We will not ask for lengthy balance sheets, Profit & Loss statements etc. So, your loan approval will maximum take 24 hours.

No mandatory credit score or CIBIL score for business loan: We provide loans even if you don’t have any credit history or you are a first-time borrower. Aasaan Money business loans are not dependent on any 3rd party credit scores. We have our own policies which are meant to provide loans with minimum requirements. So, if you apply for a business loan with us, the chances of your loan approval are higher.

How Business PLUS loans can help you?

Business loans are always useful in many ways. A low-cost business loan should be taken by every business owner. Aasaan Money business loan is a short term loan at low interest rate that helps you to maintain a smooth cash flow in your business.

Business loans to buy new machineries

Increase your production by deploying new machine or equipment in your business. Apply for Aasaan Money business loans up to 10 lacs from Aasaan Credits to purchase new machinery and equipment. Aasaan Money business loans start from 50000 to 10 Lacs at the best interest rates of 1-2% per month.

Business loan to increase your stock inventory

Inventory management is a critical part of any business. Manage seasonal dips, replenish stock from Aasaan Money business loans.

Business loans to hire new people

Use our business loans to hire new salespeople, skilled workers, accountants etc to manage your business. Every single employee comes with 10X profit for the organization.

Business loans to rent warehouse

If you are planning to increase your production and want to rent a ware house, you can take our business loans to setup your warehouse.

Business loan for working capital

A working capital loan helps you in running everyday operations. These loans usually cover recurring expenses of your business such as accounts payable, wages, etc. Apply for working capital loan from Aasaan Credits to get the loan up to 10 Lacs.

Buy transportation vehicles

Timely supply of goods is the key to any successful business. Invest in your supply chain logistics by purchasing transport vehicles.

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Fill in the details to get an estimate of your loan eligibility. This will not affect your credit score.

Business PLUS fee and Interest rate

Business loan rates

Interest Rates


Processing Fee


Loan tenure

3 months to 36 months

Loan Amount

₹50,000 – ₹10 Lacs

Foreclosure charges

NIL for 6 months*

Installments repayment


More information on business loans

Know about business loan EMI calculation & business loan repayment methods

How to repay business loans

Business loans can be repaid in easy installments. The easiest way is to pay monthly equated installments (EMIs) calculated on the reducing balance method. Your loan is divided into equal fixed sums that are paid on a monthly basis till the full repayment of the loan. An EMI consist of two part, the principal amount and the accrued interest.

How to calculate business loan EMIs?

Business Loan EMI calculation is done on the basis of a simple formula i.e. reducing balance method 
E = P x r x (1+r)n/(1+r)n-1
‘E’ is the EMI
‘P’ represents the loan amount
‘r’ stands for the interest rate offered on a monthly basis
‘n’ is the duration of the loan

Example of business loan EMI using reducing balance method

Assume a business owner takes a business loan of ₹500,000, which is the principal loan amount, at an interest rate of 17% for 3 years. The EMI using the reducing balance method is calculated to be ₹17826, the total repayment amount will be ₹641736 and the total interest amount of 3 years will be ₹141736

The EMI would be ₹17826, or ((500,000 x (1.40)) x (1 + (1.40 / 12))36) / (12 x (1 + (1.40/12))36- 1)

Frequently Asked Questions

For what purpose I can take business loans from Aasaan Credits?

You can take business loans from Aasaan Credits to increase the cash flow of your business, to purchase raw materials, to buy machinery and equipment, to increase the stock, to maintain the operational expenses of your business, renovate your office etc.

I am a proprietor and running a shop, can I take a business loan from Aasaan Credits?

Yes, you can take a loan from Aasaan Credits.

I am a businessman but I haven’t file Income Tax Return in the past, can I apply for a business loan with Aasaan Credits?

Yes, you can apply for a business loan with Aasaan Credits based on your bank account transactions and sales turnover.

I am a businessman but I don’t have GSTIN, can I apply a business loan with Aasaan Credits?

Yes, you can apply for a business loan with Aasaan Credits even if your business is not registered with GST

What is the business loan interest rate of Aasaan Credits?

Our Interest rate is in the range of 14% to 20% annually.

Up to what amount I can get a business loan from Aasaan Credits?

Your loan amount depends on your eligibility however one can get maximum of ₹10 Lacs and minimum of ₹50K for a business.

What is a maximum and minimum loan tenure for a business loan?

Maximum loan tenure for a business loan is 36 months (3 years) and a minimum tenure is 1 month.

My CIBIL score is below 700, can I get a loan from Aasaan Credits?

Yes, you can get a business loan from Aasaan Credits even if your CIBIL score is less than 700.

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