'Aasaan Credits' The Fastest Solution to Your Money Problems

Looking for a quick loan for a wedding in the family? Wanting to pay off your credit cards after the Diwali season before the interest rates cripple you? Looking for a reliable and hassle-free small amount of loan for any emergencies? We have the perfect solution for you with Aasaan Credits.

Aasaan Credits offers you quick and easy loans for every need, with zero upfront fees, zero foreclosure charges, without collateral, and the flexibility to design your own EMI plans.  With Aasaan Credits you can get up to INR 10 lac at the best loan interest rates of 1.40%* per month.

Built with the idea to enable personal and business growth through micro finance, Aasaan Credits stands out among online loan companies for its easy process, instant approvals, low interest loans, longer tenure, minimum paperwork, and maximum credit approval.

Aasaan Credits offers four main products and services – Aasaan Money which is a business loan for self employed individuals, MSMEs, small retailers, and shopkeepers. Anytime Salary which is a advance salary loan or a personal loan for salaried professionals. Shiksha Dhan an education loan and the Swasthya Dhan health loans. With this array of services, Aasaan Credits aims to help you through all your personal, educational, health-related or business needs.

So, how can we get an online loan With Aasaan Credits? It’s as simple as filling in the online loan application, uploading the documents, and getting the loan approval swiftly! The loan amount will be sent to your bank account in a same day, and you can use it at your convenience.

Aasaan Credits also allows you to check your loan eligibility and plan your best loan tenure and EMI even before applying. EMI calculations are done based on the loan amount and the tenure, through the universal formula of reducing balance method.
A lack of credit history or CIBIL scores does not prevent anyone from availing of any of Aasaan credits products or services, as they are not the only factors that define your borrowing capability at Aasaan. In fact, you can get started on your credit score by taking a loan from us.

Aasaan Credits caters to a specific loan segment, offering them customized options. This is very different from the approach of a bank, which rarely focuses on small loans, and also demands multiple checks and implements strict policies. Even in relation to other Non-Banking Financial institutions, Aasaan Credits offers services and benefits that are tailored for their pre-defined market with minimum demands, and maximum credit availability based on current income.

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