Advance Salary Loans by Aasaan Credits

The graph for salaried personnel is, the first week of salary is all about luxuries, with a steep decline throughout the second and third weeks, eventually reaching to rags by the fourth week. Especially the young corporate face this scenario too often, where the salary runs out like sand through the hand, leaving nothing but payment reminders and compromises for the rest of the month. And this is exactly when the most crucial needs arise, be it buying something important, insurance premium or a trip with friends. What do they do now? Either compromise on the plans and purchases, or bear the fines on premium. This is where the role of Anytime Salary by Aasaan Credits comes into play.

An Advance salary loans by the brand are all about saving you from the compromises and penalties, while you can live your life to the fullest, even in the slowest times of the salary cycle. Wondering about how this type of loan in and why not choose a credit card over a proper ‘loan’? This is all you need to know about to about Anytime Salary by Aasaan Credits:

1.       What exactly is Advance Salary Loan?

As the name denotes, Advance Salary Loan is an amount that you may borrow from Aasaan Credits any time of a month as per your requirement. This type of loan is one of the easiest ones to get sanctioned and the simplest one to be paid back. Unlike a credit card, here the cash gets transferred direct to your bank account that you may withdraw without any additional fees and use the amount in its digital or physical form, as per your convenience.


2.       What are the criteria for this instant or advance salary?

Aasaan Credits offers a great deal of amount an individual may take up for the loan. The Anytime Salary loan can be taken up to 5 times of the individual’s current salary and maximum of INR 2Lacs, no rocket science to intervene. If the salary is Rs. 30,000 a month, so the loan value can be raised up to 30,000 x 5= 1,50,000


3.       Duration of the Loan Disbursal and Payback?

Basis the details and documents shared by the individual for the application of this Advance Salary Loan, Aasaan Credit’s system calculates the eligibility under a few minutes, offering a quick disbursal of money, which can be as short as a day. Now coming to the repayment tenure or the payback, one can repay the loan in a span of 1 to 36 months, depending upon the convenience of the chosen EMIs.


4.       What is the interest rate?

Unlike the mainstream loans, the interest rate levied on the Advance Salary loan is quite lesser and minimal, as the repayment tenure is short and the interest sum paid is small.


5.       Why choose Advance Salary by Aasaan Credits?

For the countless reasons to choose Aasaan Credits Advance Salary loans, here a few. Firstly, one can get up to 5 times the amount of the current salary, offering huge support in the time of need.  Secondly, the time of approval is quick, with no requirement of physical verification and online uploading of the documents. Thirdly, missing the EMI by inches would not be a problem, as one may use the online payment facility to pay the EMI without paying any additional surcharge.


6.       What are the eligibility criteria for Advance Salary Loan?

To avail this loan here is the basic criteria:

·       Monthly salary needs to be above Rs. 20,000

·       Total work experience should be above 1 year

·       Minimum age of the borrower should be 21 years

·       Maximum age of the borrower should be 52 years


7.       What are the required documents for the loan application submission?

There is no need to file-up hard copies of all the required documents. Simply arrange the KYC documents of applicant & Bank Statements for the last 6 months, and upload it on the portal while filling the loan application.


Understanding and following these pointers, you can easily avail the Instant Salary loan from Aasaan Credits and make the best use out of it. 

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