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Aasaan Money

Instant loans to cover all your needs.
Apply instant loans starting from 25K to INR 1 Lac.

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Business Plus

Business loans to cover your daily working capital needs. Apply loans for your business
from INR 50K to INR 10Lac.

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Anytime Salary

Advance Salary loans for Salaried people without physical verification.
Short to long term loans upto INR 2Lacs

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Shiksha Dhan

Education loans for students upto INR 3Lacs. The loan covers all the fee payment of government and private institutions.

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Swasthya Dhan

Health loans to cover all hospital expenses upto 3Lacs. Our health loans also provides low EMIs on partnered hospitals.

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Online loans couldn’t get simpler


Affordable Rates

  • Interest rates starting from 1.40% per month
  • Minimum processing fee
  • Borrow up to INR 10 Lac with no hidden charges
  • Zero foreclosure charges*


Get Funds Fast

  • Loan Approval within 3 hours
  • One day loan disbursal turnaround time
  • Apply online just in few steps.


Customized Loans

  • Loan tenure from 1 month to 36 months
  • Loan starts from Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 10Lac
  • Design your own EMI according to your need.

Customer’s experience with us

"I applied for a personal loan with Aasaan Credits to pay-off the current loan with other NBFC. Aasaan Credit’s interest rate is lower than my current lender. I got the money in my bank account within one day. Thanks to Aasaancredits and team."
Pradeep Barthwal
Property Agent - Prashant Vihar
"I got the business loan from Aasaan Credits to expand my canteen business. They understood the sudden requirement and approved my loan just in few hours. Their team is professional and sincere."
Shakti Singh
Canteen Business Owner- Dwarka
"I have taken personal loan from Aasaan Credits to close my credit card debt. Their online process is simple and smooth. I recommend them."
Kumar Gautam
Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd

How our process works

1. Apply & Upload

Easily fill our loan application, using your desktop or mobile phone and upload your documents.
It just takes 3 minutes to
complete the process.

2. Get an Approval

Based on the details provided, you will get final approval in less than 3 hours. After approval, your application will be processed for agreement signing.

3. Get Money

Loan amount disbursal will be done on a same day if approved before 1 PM. You will get the cash in your bank account without any delay. Use the cash at your convenience.

Why you should consider Aasaan Credits over other companies

Unsecured Loans

All the loans from Aasaancredits are 100% collateral free for hassle free experience.

Loans start from 25k to 10Lac

We process even the lowest
amount for businesses and
personal use

Online process

Our automated process reduces the disbursal time compared to banks and traditional channels

Minimal documents

We only take minimum required documents to calculate loan eligibility. No prints required

Maximum eligibility

Compared to other channels we provide maximum credit based on your current income

Save money

Pay off higher rate loans and credit cards. You can save hundreds - or even thousands - of Rupees

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for loan with Aasaan Credits?

There are multiple ways to apply for loans with us. You can apply directly from our website by giving your details and documents. Our loan application engine expedites the process of disbursal when applied online. You can also request a call back through our website, our experts will help you with the application.

What types of loans can I avail from Aasaan Credits?

You can avail loans for any purpose be it a wedding, travelling, buying household goods, gifting, business, paying hospital bills, education fees etc. We have categorised all your needs into five categories i.e. Aasaan Money (Small personal loans for salaried and business people), Business PLUS (only for small and medium-size businesses), AnyTime Salary (Only for salaried professionals), Swasthya Dhan (Health Loans) and Shiksha Dhan (Education Loans)


You can get up to Rs. 10 Lacs instantly based on your income and obligations.

Is Aasaan credits Pvt Ltd a Bank or NBFC?

Aasaan Credits is a brand name of SFIPL (Shivji Finance and Investments Pvt Ltd) a Non-Banking Financial Company registered with Reserve Bank of India. All Aasaan Credits loans are issued by SFIPL.

How much time will it take to get the loan approval from Aasaan Credits?

Our processes and systems are designed to approve the applications in less than an hour. However, in some cases it can take up to 48 hours.


We don’t have any policy which controls the usage of money. It’s up to you how you want to spend it.


Your EMIs are calculated based on your loan amount and the tenor. At Aasaan Credits we calculate the EMIs on the reducing balance method where interest is calculated every month on the outstanding loan balance only and not on the whole loan amount. EMI payment every month comprises interest payable for the outstanding loan amount for the month plus principal repayment. On every EMI payment, outstanding loan amount reduces by the amount of principal repayment.

How does the loan EMI get calculated?

Loan EMI gets calculated from the universal formula on reducing basis.

Do I need to pay any processing charges to avail the loan?

There is a processing fee of 2% for availing the loan. Processing fee will be deducted from the disbursal amount. You don’t need to pay anything until the loan is disbursed.


You can choose the loan tenor for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 36 months.

How will I pay back my EMIs?

Before we disburse the loan amount, you sign the NACH (National Automated Clearing House ) mandate with us. Based on the mandate our bank will automatically deduct the EMI amount from your bank account on the due date every month.

What if there is a NACH bounce from my bank account?

The bank will levy certain bounce charges/penalties. In addition, it will get reported in your credit report. Depending on the severity of the default, it can have a serious impact on your future credit possibilities like home loan, car loan etc.

Can I foreclose my loan?

Yes, you can always choose to close your loan account with us.

I have not taken any loans in the past, due to this I don’t have any credit history. Will I get the loan from Aasaan Credits?

Yes, you can get the loan even if you don’t have credit history. Your credit/CIBIL scores are not the only factors we consider before deciding your borrowing capability.


We cater to a very specific loan segment with customised offerings. Due to strict policies in banks, they do multiple checks on your loan application. In fact, banks do not focus on small loans. Whereas we only target our pre-defined market and accept all the loan requests coming our way.

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